How Does it Works?

Create a New Project

When you create a new project, you can choose a goal for your project!

Supported goals include:
Lead Generation - Find posts of people actively looking for your product or service
Content Inspiration - Find high-performing content in your industry
Simple Tracking - Track specific keywords, hashtags, or accounts - and find anything that is news-worthy

Describe What you Do

Describe what your product or service does, and what makes it unique!

The more you go into details about your product or service, the better the AI can help you find the right posts for your goals.

Incorporate unique selling points, features, benefits, and more!

(Optional) Keywords Management

We create 30+ keywords for you based on your description using our AI!

You can view, edit, or remove any of the keywords we created for you.

We use these keywords (as well as other AI-driven semantic techniques) to find the right posts for your goals.

Smart Ranked Feed

The AI assistant will find the best posts for your goals, and rank them based on how well they match your description and goal.

Each conversation has a match score. The higher the match score, the better the conversation matches your description and goal!

Stay Ahead of the Game

Set up notifications to get notified when new posts are found that match your description and goal!

You can choose to get notified via email, or Slack, or both!

You can also choose how often you want to get notified - every hour, every day, or every week!

Use Cases


Become a thought leader in cybersecurity!
By keeping tracking of words like: Ransomware, Zero-day, Phishing, CVE, APT
You can stay ahead of the game and protect your organization from cyber threats and also become a thought leader in the cybersecurity space. Minutes after a new vulnerability is discovered, you can be the first to know about it and take action.


Find new audiences to sell your products to!
How? If you have unique floral decor, for example, NameDrop will monitor social media for people who love flowers in general, unique decor and more. You can then find trending posts and engage with them to increase your sales. By NameDropping some pictures of your products in the comments, you can increase traffic and even SEO.

B2C Marketing

Cost Effective Marketing!
The B2C game is all about making sure your cost per acquisition is low. That can be challenging with the fight for the attention of the user, and the cost of ads. NameDrop can help you find the right posts to engage with, and increase your brand awareness.

Dev Tools

Be a part of the community!
Paid marketing can be especially ineffective for dev tools, as developers are less likely to click on ads. NameDrop can help you find the right posts to engage with, and the right communities to be a part of. You can also use Content Inspiration to find high-performing content you can learn from and become a leading voice in Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more.

This is just the beginning! Companies of all sizes and industries are benefiting from NameDrop. The possibilities are endless!